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are not so removed
from us, but they
love and care for
us still. The unseen
world seems so
much nearer and
more real, than ever
before - and thus -
alas - so empty!
No, not "empty"
for either of us -
While you have
your dear husband
and I my darling
children - his
children - whom he
has left in my care

infinite love and infinitely
tender compassion are suffi-
cient for such sore {trials ?}.

I rejoice that the
Comforter has come to you
dear Mrs Stanford - and pray
that you may always be able
to lean your bereaved heart
upon the great sympathizing heart
of God.

Your friend - your "sister in sorrow"
Ellen T. Windom

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Ellen Towne Hatch Windom, (1831-1914) married William H. Windom on 1856. William
was serving until his death in 1891 as the U S Secretary of the Treasury under President Harrison


correction to above - married in 1856 on Aug 20