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I am in hope that by another year they will be in mutch easier circumstances.

I think you have used $3500.00 in all from me since you wrote you would send that amt $1500.00 on acct of J W N & $2000.00 on acct of D. C. S.

I would have liked mutch to have been home and cast the first vote in convention for Mr Seward. As I would have done if there - California being the first State to vote.

If the Charlston Convention does not nominate Douglas and the Chicago Convention nominates most any but Fremont we shall poll a good Republican vote in this State.

We are having a fine rain to day. The country is looking finely. Barley will be fit to cut about the 20th of this month. What about the 15th June

The prospects now is that we shall have a wonderfully fruitful season

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