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in silhouette as an infringem-
ent of his copyright. I have
this to say that I can swear
that they were all taken at the
order of Gov Stanford who paid
all the expenses, furniture all
the apparatus and material
and Muybridge furnished me
with all the copies from which
the plates were executed knowing
that they were to be used for the
purpose to which they will to be ap-
plied. The also furnished him
with the magic lanterns and apparatus
which he is now using to amuse
the audiences in England and the
money he used to travel and exhibit
the movements of animals, and
he imposed upon the Governor the
idea that he processes the most
delicate chemicals ever used to
procure the results when in fact

[Right hand page}
he was far behind the times and
processes were in use for years far
more delicate and which he did
not know of until he went to
Europe and he wrote to me where
I was in Boston to delay the
work until he could take a new
set of photographs by the day
process of which he had just
learned. Muybridge wrote for
me a long account of the history
of the enterprise in which he
gave all the credit of the sug-
gestions to the use of electricity
in the process of taking the
pictures. In my hearing he
advised the Governor to make
the illustrations very elaborate
that the book should be a [?]
[?] to his fame like Audi-
bus work on Ornithology, and

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