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[Rcvd. Janry 25/69.?]

Ogden January 15th 1869

Friend Mark

On my return from Omaha I
found quite a number of letters from you, they were
all interesting as your letters always are and each one
deserved an answer, but as Huntington was going on
to California I concluded he should answer all.

He has been and returned, and it has been
a great satisfaction to me that he has been out
and learned the true state of matters.

Col Gray left here this morning for California.
He will be able to [post?] you as to matters here more
fully than I can write. The weather continues
remarkably good. So far for us it has been a
failure in great part?. Ives says two years
ago last September when he was at Echo Summit snow fell
four feet. Such a fall of snow this year would
have saved us notwithstanding the slow
[progress?] of our track. After the {words crossed out}
report of the Special [?] on the [? ? ] { next words crossed out]
showing clearly an unfinished road
[word crossed out] [?] [?] then [?] its full amount of
[bonds?]. It is not very encouraging for us
to believe that they will withhold [bonds?]

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[Rup. Jonny 25/bq.?] - Should read Rcvd: January 25 [BG?]
but as Hunting [Tors?] - Should read Huntington


Edit to Above:

Line 1: [Rup. Jonny 25/bq.?] - Should read "Rcvd: January 25"
Line 7: Hunting [Tors?] - Should read "Huntington"
Line 13: [h?]ash - Should read "help"'
Line 17: [Eclis S] - Should read "Echo Summit"