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Status: Needs Review

Rec'd June 16/68

Salt Lake June 9th 1868

Friend Mark

We have been pretty industrious and at last it appears as though we may get help from President Young without waiting until he can man the work he has undertaken for the U Pacific.

His contract is from the mouth of [Weber?] to Echo Canon and thirty miles from mouth of [?] north or south to the Lake as the line may be located.

His contract is to complete the work by the 1st of November.

From Echo eastward (the exact distance I do not know) about 31 miles the contract is let to another firm. Brigham has not got his men as yet, only a small part of them. The price he pays is not satisfactory. But of this I have become satisfied he will get what he wants and that his followers will not work for any one else while he wants [?] without his sanction

I have got his consent to engage

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