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Office Central Pacific Railroad,

Corner Front and California Streets.

San Francisco, Aug 10th 1867

Mark Hopkins Esq

Your letter of the 8th and Telegraphic dispatch recd. I have raised $50,000 for C. P. R. R. Co. But have used it pretty much all in paying notes due 1st any for Sac Valley purchase. I will wait for power of Atty to complete loan of $5,000 for M. P. R. R. Richardson is desirous of going into the employ of N. F. & Co to take charge of Staging between Cisco and Virginia. He can get $500 per month. McLean has spoken to me about it. I think we had better consent, I believe under Richardsons management the business would be done more to our satisfaction. If he takes charge, he is to have absolute control.

Yours truly

Leland Stanford