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feeling of it from my description here. I love you so much as you
should know. And also Mary Jeanette had more chance to talk last
night especially on the bus going to the dance. She would appreciate and
observations you may have because she is (just between us) not out of
the picture yet and the more she knows the better she can deal with
the situation. Apparently the same thing happened when they were apart
last summer- their friends call them "Tony and Mary Crisis." So eyes
open and fingers crossed that all works out for them- she deserves it
and I think he does too.

Got up for 8 AM breakfast (5 1/2 hours sleep) and then went to church
as planned. Still hard to understand the sermon but I really enjoy
the church itself and especially the simple direct service. And then
after church. I went with "Eddie" (Edna) Raynor to spend the after
with a family of hers (whose name I dont know). We arrived about 11 AM and
had mittagessen (the big meal of the day here ) at 12 coffee and cake about 2:30
and left about 5:30 to return for dinner on the Burg. There are faily
well off by Beurlesbach standards- phone car piano nice home etc. We
just sort of chatted not about anything ver serious but laughed and
enjoyed ourselves a lot and the two girls (9 and 11 and also a boy 12)
put on a puppet show on the spur of the moment (very polished; they had
fine imagination along the vein of magic book Princess and witch etc)
Well angle its 9:05 and have mich studying still not done.
Im getting tied too. So I'll just read German and hit the sack. Golly
I wish i could see you just once to tell you with words and touch and
eyes and voice how much I love you. Its hard day after day to have that
feeling well up in me (as Im sure it does in you too) and then to find it
frustration at least diverted to a letter. It seems to kill a little something
inside me each time. It worries me a little darling though I know its
unavoidable because how can I Say it? because I dont know how
it will affect my feelings when we are back together (will it sort of be like
a dam breaking or will I be so "[suppressed?]" after this long time

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