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evert meadow and gulley and feed into the main stream. It all sounds so fresh
and the air smells of the pine forest too coo lmoist fresh clear. The town nestles
in the bast and on the slopes of the hills of the gorge winding its way so that it can
never all be seen from one place. We arrived about 4 pm yesterday and there
were kids and adults in the streets almost all dressed in gay costumes! For
this is the climax of Fasching (carnival) season before Lent on Wednseday
and so in all catholic areas this weekend is the occasion for endless gay parties
[wnoning?] into the small hours of the morning. After dumping our baggage and finding
a small gasthaus for an excellent dinner (75 cents) we went to the town's large hotel
to get in on the "party time"! Most of the people had on costumes of some kind and
about 1/3 of the crowd of 100-150 (in those one room there were 3 big ballrooms going in this one
hotel) were Americans down on a bus tour from Frankfort for the big weekend. The
band was mainly loud the dancing crowded and mostly between the tables
polkas foot waltzes jitterbugs no softshell at all for such a gay occasion.
We only stayed for a couple of hours got thoroughly tired and went
off to get some sleep.

This morning we took a walk through the town past the waterfalls (the highest
in all Germany) along the river ad up in to the forest alive. The woods were so green
and alive darling in many ways so much like Fallen Leaf, I almost felt like
crying I wanted you there with me so very much. the slopes are quite steep and the pines
really thick even though lumber companies operate there and by 10:30 the sun was out
(the high clouds gone) and it was warm and fresh. No snow there although there
was a little along the streets in Friberg and several parties along the train route.

Well darling we've got to go catch the train. Don't forget my very
dearest that I love you with all my heart and soul and strength. Good night
and sweet dreams.

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