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about an expensive restaurant since all the hotels etc looking pretty resort like
and expensive. And lucky us her sister runs a Pension (sort of between a
boarding house and small hotel) so we lined up rooms and dinner at the same time.
And the place was night on the lake (see the postcard! and the stamp it
and send it on to Mom-Dad) and the price was quite reasonable- DM 6.50 ($1.60).
The rooms were clean and in the morning she severed us hot chocolate (we declined
breakfast as too expensive for us students) for free as kindness.

We spent all morning yesterday walking around the lake. Took a couple of
detours off the road and up to the woods just to feel the soft ground and leaves
underfoot and to get out of sight of civilization. Just like at Fallen Leaf sweetheart
except that there were many little streams instead o little lakes. As you can see
on the card there are also open rolling meadows containing now patches of unmelted
snow and small farms sometimes. On the side of the lake that you can't see
in the picture there was more snow the road was covered with ice. As we walked
along the shore we saw 3 fellows going across the lake on skis their poles
pushing in the ice quite a strange sight!

We got back around the lake just in time to do a little shopping (another T.S.
this time for your fold!) and pick up our luggage and catch the train to Freiburg.

What a change here in Greiburg (pop 120,000). While Titisee was still and
almost employ of people the minute we walked out of the railroad station we had
to fight the crowds. I guess the whole country side must pour in here to celebrate
Fasching! anyways we walked around for a few minutes got a glimpse
of the cathedral (one of the better Gothic Cathedrals in Germany along with Velm and
Knoln). And then we started looking for someplace to eat. But where everything
in Titisee was closed or expensive here every little gastheus was jammed with
people many in gaudy costumes. We finally found a little reasutant had
dinner and then caught a street car out to the suburb to find the youth hostel.
It is beautifully located about 100 yards from the river at the edge of the woods.
I'm sitting right now in the wood paneled dinner room overlooking the river the place
is quite crowded this weekend and I even met a couple of other Americans who
are traveling around the continent. Right now MAC and I are going back into
town to sightsee for about 4 hours and then catch a train back to Stuttgart.

Golly my love but I wish you could be here in this beautiful county with
me. I miss you an awful lot and your presence would make the whole experience
complete. I guess we'll just have to add the Schqazwalk to the growing list of
places will be coming back to someday as man and wife (and maybe family).
Meanwhile I love you with all my heart and I'll settle for being by your
side no matter where we are. Good night darling and sweet dreams.

All my love

Your George

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