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My affections have been placed on [indecipherable] and doing
that which is right. I would now much
rather speak than write my mind to you
if I could but perhaps I may not have an
opportunity so soon as I should [indecipherable] the subject
being abt Marriage it strikes me you are a friend
there of no doubt you have heard either directly
or indirectly that my affections are placed on
[indecipherable] and that I have written to [indecipherable]
but believe me Dr Father I shall be [indecipherable] by
you in this affair & the copies of my letters I will
show you if [indecipherable] y0u wish & therefore your
advice will give me much pleasure I need
not speak in the [indecipherable] of matrimony with
knowing you are a strong advocate thereof
perhaps. I am too hasty nay she has been
the one I have set my choice on for a wife for
for this three last years thinking it would
be your greatest desire to see me choose a
partner from among those who serve God if
they were to be found. This is the only place
that I know of when my affections may
not be looked lightly upon. You may say
she is too far distant. Il allow that best that no
reaon for my sending [indecipherable] to know from
you. [indecipherable] whether I may write her or
not if she be not the one you intend for me
le me know and let point out where I may
have hopes not that I am in haste to be
married but that my objections may be
shown on both sides [indecipherable] You may say

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