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Parramatta 475
Nov.br 4th 1822

My Dr. Friend
Having heard that your [indecipherable] was about
sending a parcel of letters to you, I was desirious of adding one to
the Number. I am aware that I need not enter into apologies
to the liberty - I have taken. as they [indecipherable] in the nature of
things, appear inpertinate, or flattering both of [indecipherable] I am

After leaving you, on Wednesday the 30th. Mr Walker and
myself [indecipherable] to thos [indecipherable] ; the [indecipherable] of, and the recollection of
[indecipherable] with others your [indecipherable] & [indecipherable], I mean Parramatta we [indecipherable]
Mr. Marsden's about three in the afternoon [indecipherable] with
journey. I have since that period visited Windsor and
Mamre, both Mr. Marsden, [indecipherable] on Sunday I went to
[indecipherable] Hills, and Kissing Point, the former[indecipherable] I pres-
ented from 14 of Proverbs. 32 verse of the Latter [indecipherable] Mr Mans-
field from 13 of Corinthians, last verse, and now abideth
faith, hope, charity, - there is something very [indecipherable]

Mr Ms Manner and upon the whole I enjoyed
the Sabbath; but at night was extremely tired, still I found
some more [indecipherable] for all, which peculiar [indecipherable] [indecipherable] you in the present, - I have taken Tea with -
Mrs Hassall twice since yhou left, and are happy to say

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