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that she bears your painful absence, with becoming
fortitude & but I forbear saying any thing more on that subject.
I have once been Chaplain for you, since you left [indecipherable] has
often repeated that [indecipherable] , had I been in Parramatta.

I doubt not but you have often improved your
journey both to yourself and those travelling with you.
You as a Christian, cannot help feeling yourself a stranger
and a Pilgram here having no abiding city; you undoubtedly
find it a trial that your companions cannot dwell with [indecipherable]
the same delight on that country to which you are travelling
and perhaps with a heavy heart you are compelled to say [indecipherable]
yourself that - though your companions are friends yet the [indecipherable]
strangers to the love of church you often when ascending those
mountains thought of the difficulties which attend the Christian
traveller, you must been remember that not an inch of ground
is to be gained towards the country we are travelling to, [indecipherable]
an effort, well be it as my dr. Brother home will make
amends for all our toil let us keep that in view, and [indecipherable]
will give life and animations to all on actions and [indecipherable]
be more than Conquerors over all our Enemies; -
Excuse this hasty scribble and that your labours may be
abundantly blessed is the prayer of
Your Sincere Friend
George [indecipherable]
Ps. Mrs Charles kind regards to you be [indecipherable]
time of soon seeing you again and believe we [indecipherable]
forget you as a [indecipherable] of Grace, [indecipherable]

The dear Ann of line 1 was Anne Marsden, who
almost invariably spells her name as Anne.

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