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and whether or not they were originally

in the same more or less the same so ignorant & uncivilized as they

are now, [a?] I regret that to all these

questions but little is no satisfactory answers can

be said of a satifactory kind given. We can

only throw out conjectures and hint at pos-

sibilities & probabilities concerning

their original descent, as they are utterly

without a history of their own with

scarcely a few a trace any fragments of tradition and

in as much as all ancient history is

silent about this part of the globe.

How all the Polynesian islans have been

peopled, how long they have been inhabited

and whence they originally came will [probably?]

always remain a difficult [indecipherable] problematical.

But there is a chain of these islands New

some smaller some greater which connects connecting this continent with Asia such as New Guinea,

Borneo and the islands of [Timor?] [on a aticular line still?] is not far from

the northern coast of this country and Timor is

not a great distance from the Malay [country?]

on the [Indian?] archipelago, or the Malay Archi-

pelago as it is sometimes called. Whether arrived

from necessity, when hounded by other tribes


The Celebes

The Phillipines

or nearer

Chile &

[a?] [aticular?]

line the

Island of

Timor Java

Sumatra the Malay

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