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others have made & from specimentation

I have seen from different tribes speaking

different dialects, I have [indicipherable] specimens

from South Australia & from Moreton

Bay. There is indeed a great difference

in words & names of [various?] objects, but

same numerous words are formed in all

nearly a quite the same. [Indeed?] to correlation

there is a striking resemblance showing their

common origin, of the language however

I shall head on a future [vocation?].

x No 1
How the various islands islands in Polynesians or all the islands in these parts

[(in)cluding?] Australia have been peopled, how

long they have been inhabited & [whence?] the

original inhabitants came will in all

probability always remain a difficult problem to solveuncertain and

doubtful. Nor do their characteristic features,

their physical formation or their color

or their habits & customs or their various languages, or certain religious sites which are not common to all of them

throw much light on the question. For in

all then their the different [nations?]

and tribes vary much. In many respects,

they resemble Asiatic [nations?], in others

the African races; nor would it be difficult

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