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Table of Conjugations, principal Tenses & Moods

Present Imperfect Perfect Future Infinitive Imperative
1 Gannanna Gannar Gannan Gungirri Gannagi Gannada
2 Gunna Gunnar Gunnan Gungirri Gungi Gunga
3 Gumbinga Gumbinna Gumbinnan Gumbigirri Gumbigi Gumbidga
4 Baddarra Baddae Baddalguan Badalgirri Badalli Badalla
5 Gaddambirra Gaddambir Gaddambilguan Gaddambilgiri Gadambilli Gaddambia
6 Nguna Nganar Ngaguain Ngagirri Ngagi Ngaga

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