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1 Limestone from Honeysuckle Hill
2 Bluestone from Mt Walker
3 Limestone & [indecipherable] from Mt Walker
4 Granite from Honesuckle Hill
5 Conglomerate from Stony Range
6 Waterworn stone (fragment) in the Alluvium of the Hawkesbury
7 Fossil Remain in [blank] fd on the road betw Windsor & Parramatta
8 Blue stone fm Honeysuckle hill
9 - In the Alluvium of the Hawkesbury at Richmond
10 Two specimens of the stones composing the summit of Tomah Mt
11. Ironstone from [connecting?] neck of Tomah
12 Coal from Mount York
13 Coal from the Vale of Clywild
14 Coarse ferruginous sand stone from Pulpit hill (2 specs)
15 [Coarse ferruginous] conglomerate from Do [Ditto]
16 Fine white sand stone from Mt. York -
17 From the earth on the banks of Coxes the Fish River at the Section of [road works?]
18 Marble in the soil near Colletts Inn.
19 - Granite near the bed of Coxes River -
20 Do [Ditto] [indecipherable] up, lamillar
21 [indecipherable] near the bed of the Fish river
22 Sand stone from above the granite Coxes River 2 specs
23 - [blank] - Stone above Do
24 Iron stone [indecipherable] hill
25 Congl - Conglomerate from foot of Stony range -
26 Conglomerate from Kings Table land -
27 [Bibearmine?] and Coal from Vale of Clyiwdd
28 Singular specimen of Pebble conglomerate occurring over the granite at Coxes river
29 - chrystals in Quartz with Copper from Sydmouth Valley
30 - Do
31 - [indecipherable]
32 - [blank] one from [Dt? Do?] beside the Chrystals

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Would be good to work from the original document on this - image very difficult to read