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Greene, George 30, M, B Ice Cream Saloon VA 1805
Greene, Louisa 41, F, "[B] Wife Md 1865
[Greene?], William 25, M, "[B] Child "[Md] "[1865]
[Greene?], Louisa 15, F, "[B] Adopted "[Md] "[1865]
[Greene?], Mary 10, M[?], "[B] "[Adopted] "[Md] "[1865]
Antbury, Elizabeth 23, M[?], "[B] Servant N.Y. "[1865]
Benson, Mary A. 38, M[?], "[B] "[Servant] M.D. "[1865]
Chase, Jerry 65, M, "[B] "[Servant] "[M.D.] "[1865]
Whilley, Benjamin 20, "[M], "[B] "[Servant] Va. "[1865]
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