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{¶ Saynt Dunstan  ¶ Saynt barnabe }
A day he sete in his solace  ⁊ alay þeron drogh
Þe harpe he sette to þe wal  when tyme was to ete
And þo he hade wesshen  he sette him doun to mete
Of heuen he couþe þenke soone  of ioye þat was þere
Which a myrþe  þer was euermore  amonge hem þat þer were
He sete as he were al bynome  so myche þeron he þoȝt
His harpe þat henged on þe wogh  ful lytel of hit he roȝt
As oure lordes wille was  þogh hit a dede tre were
Hit bigan to kiþe his holy poȝt  as alle herden þere
Al by hit self hit harped  a Murye Anteme y wis
Men sayn hit ȝett in holy chirche  in englissh þer it is
Þe sowle of halowes glad ben  þat ar in heuen so gode
And shewed Ihesu Cristes way  ⁊ for him shedde her blode
Þere þai ar kynges withouten ende  with Ihesu goddes sone
Þis anteme þat is so Murye  as þai herden alle
A fayre grace oure lord shewed  when þat a ded tre
Shuld synge of þat ilke ioye  þat he shuld in be
Lord þonked be þi grace  ⁊ þi myȝt also
Þat þu woldest in his lyf  sich myracle for him do
¶ Þo þis holy mon hade here lyved  on erþe mony aday
Him self knewe wel ⁊ segh  hit was at his endinge day
On holy þoresday he sekened  as hit fel in þe ȝere
He lete fette his frendes  þat to him special were
And his seruauntes euerychone  he lete calle also
And for ȝaf all trespas  þat þai to him hade do
¶ He assoyled hem of her synnes  ⁊ in his bedes lay
And so he lay al þat day  ⁊ also on þe fryday
He lete calle on þe saturday  þe monkes bifore him alle
And bede hem þen haue gode day  ⁊ tolde what shuld bifalle
He lete do all his ryȝtinges  ⁊ goddes body nome
His soule went forþe out of þe world  ⁊ into heuen come
How swete lord saynt Dunstan  þat Erch bisshop was here
Þu lede vs to þe ioye of heu en  þere angels þi soule bere // Amen 

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