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That circular will be of use to
me in collecting soils. I pay some
attention to geology, and Henry is East
and will get to work upon that science
for me. He goes by Cincinnati
and to Washington, I gave him a
letter of introduction to Prof Baird
but had nothing to send by him.
I have two bats stuffed also a woodchuck
I but a very few insects collected.
I ordered Cuviers, Natural Hist of Animals,
(plain) and got his Animal Kingdom
illustrated, mostly by wood cuts. $5.00
There is a fine premium afforded for
timber, but I have not tried to collecting[ing strikeout]
any yet and am quite busy, and do not
know wheather I will try for it or not.
I have no Ornithology as yet, but will
get Wilsons if that is best.
I do not know wheather I can be
at Chicago in the fall or not.

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