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Racine March, 23, 1876
My Dear Ofihis Cappha.
I received your of the 17th also the Larma continuing the grey gopher artictec greatly albigria-last might be received the last Prarie Larmer which indicated that my artiech has been published in the 11th number which I have not sum I inclose some postage stamps for which I want a few copies of No, 11 Rosrie Garmin which you send then to the publishess for me. I hope you were not disappointed in the contents of the Mississippi package hope you have lost of other rose better besides the Dymasta lityprus which you make so happy over.
I have written to my brother concerning some points of the gophers habits which I will from form when you can either have the facts or an artiche for your use.

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This letter was written in 1856.
Not sure why Hoy refers to Robert Kennicott as "Ophis Cappa" - Ophis is Greek for "serpent" and Cappa in Latin may refer to "head" or "hat".