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Primary County: Smith

Date Filed (format: YYYY/MM/DD): 1808/06/21


Purpose / Short Description:

Text of Petition (drag lower right corner to enlarge box): in running said lines and for other exp
ences incurred by him in that Be [illegible]
and your petitioners as in Duty bound
will be

-ossins Kavanaugh
James Patterson
Arther Hugum
James Darapen
Lee Sullivan

I Sampson Williams Clerk of the County
Court of Smith County hereby certify that
the above subscribers is and were acting withstand
of the peace in and for said County and
that full faith and credit ought to be given
to any and all their official acts as such
in witness whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and seal having no deal of office
this 21st day of June 1808
Sa Williams Seal

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