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[Handwritten on yellow lined paper]

[top margin] [strikethrough: Perhaps] This chain of events
that stir our imagination [strikethrough: here] in Skunder's work is [strikethrough: ?]
aided by the power of expressionistic forms
that reveal playful geometrical configurations
moving about in space as though they were guided
by a cosmological force. Many of the artists
early works contain those elements that plainly [strikethrough: connect]
show his vast knowledge of the
history of the [strikethrough: vision] language of
visual form in Ancient Africa
combining the ^ ancient calligraphy of
[?] Scholars with
the iconography of
Byzantine inspired
artist of the Christian
[strikethrough: Era] whose work
illuminated the Italy

Seeing beyond the shape of things and
feeling the space in which [strikethrough: an artist] one
creates is not the hallmark of everyone
who [strikethrough: designates] calls himself an artist.
But Skunder Boghossian, an African
Artist frm Addis Ababa, sees not only
the shape of things around them
[strikethrough: things] and integrates form and content
in a manner [strikethrough: which] so as to give a ^ special meaning to the temporal
order to [strikethrough: of those for] things his paintings [strikethrough: possess [?] perceive].

Upon examining the shape of objects, conventional
forms and symbollic content in Skunder's
work, one is attracted to the inventive process by which
the artist shronds [strikethrough: things] in a secret language
of signs and symbols. This language [strikethrough: that] seems at once
mysterious and [strikethrough: yet] familiar. He asks [strikethrough: the question] How is it that [strikethrough: I am] we are
drawn to the intricate meaning of what have
been called dream forms in Skunders work? [strikethrough: skill?] These forms seemingly are so
consistently communicative in a ^ very general way. Yet evasive in there power to be generalized.
Perhaps the chain of events [strikethrough: [?]] that stir our imagination here is helped by the [strikethrough: whole cinematic experience] power of these expressionistic form to
[strikethrough: of childhood memories: memories] : ^ memories from [strikethrough: of] an
Ancient people whose [strikethrough: legendary] historical and cultural
existance bridge the gap between the legend
of [strikethrough: ancien] prehistoric man and the rich cultural
finds of the [strikethrough: most ancient of all human] modern world that ignite these dreams
[strikethrough: cultures]. Ethiopia [strikethrough: that] is the thoughts to be the ancient birthsphere[?] of modern man. It was in Ethopia where, "according to
the ancient Greeks, lived geniuses with
burnt faces " [strikethrough: lived] ", [strikethrough: [?]] sparked the

[left margin]
Iconographic Dreams
reveals Skunder's

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