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February 1898

this last created the greatest whirlwind
and tornado that has been known in
Charles Town, lo, these many years!! -
After the departure of their guests, Mother
Cousing Dellie and I went to Rhoderick's, to
speak to Cousins Sam and John at their
places of business. Maude overtook us and
we walked home together, and Mother and I
kept on to the top of Hunter's Hill - a beauti-
ful evening, and sunset, but so cold. Cousin
Fannie, Harry, Maude, and Annie Mason
all invited to tea. a pleasant evening, try-
ing fortunes and puzzles and playing
Euchre - Harry left early, the rest with
Mrs. Mason and Lacy enjoyed a feast of
frozen jelly, cake and caramels.

[left margin:] Fri. 4th. Clear.

Captain Tom Griffith called. In the
evening Brother Charlie and I went to Mrs.
Eliza Millie to tea, to meet Edith and Dr.
Green. Mr. & Mrs. Housekeeper, Mr. & Mrs. Parsley
Mr. & Mrs. Shafer, Mrs. Wm. Jones - home by
Olney for the mail.

[left margin:] Charles Town.

Bob's birthday. Cousin Fannie and Harry
called. I went up for Maude, who is good
enough to help me return some calls. We
went to see Clara Houff, met her father, then
got the key to the new house Cousin Fannie
will move to, the 1st of April, and went over
it, very cute and convenient. From there we

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