In the left margin
[Three Confederate Stamps pasted here]

June 9th
Ticket on cars to Tallahassee $5.00
Breakfast at City Hotel (McGoffins's) 5.00
4 spools thread, 1 pkg envelopes
at McGinnis' 5.00
4 spools thread 10.00
1 ounce of Dovers powder 12.00
6 cakes of toilet soap 12.00
Bottle of turpentine 5.00
3 yds stuff for pants for Fletcher 18.00
20 grains morphine for Mrs. Booth 20.00
1 lb. coffee 12.00
I paste in here a few of our Confederate P. C. Stamps --

On Monday -- March 28th, 1864 -- at 2:30 A. M. our
baby Bessie was born-; on the evening before Jas. Evans had
sent for me to go to his plantation at Bristol 35 miles -- to
see his daughter Eva who was very sick -- on account of Bettie's
being so near confinement, I wrote a note stating the reason
why I could not go -- I gave it to old Uncle Jim, who had
brought up the message-; & he went out to the Gregory
plantation -- (3 miles), to spend the night with his wife-,
old aunt Nicey, who lived there -- Before daylight, I sent
Fletcher out there to give him another note, stating that the
baby was born, and that I would come out next day, if I could
leave Bettie -- Uncle Jim went back with the two notes --
Sallie opened the first note first, saying that I could not
come, and was unreasonable enough to abuse me for not coming --

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