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and that too many you ladies of this
sphere are already corrupted to a fearful extent
by this sparking, frothy, licentious literature. It is
in serious truth lamentable to behold this corr-
upt taste in the literary world, and the amount
of means for it's gratification; and that they
who seek this means most and relish it with
most gusto are that fair portion of our land
styled in gallant hyperbole, innocent damsels,
and sweet angels. From the many instances of
calamitious prostitution and shame, and revenge,
and misery, which we see daily in our news -
papers in every state, and in every nature,
we are at no loss to see and to attibute as the
true cause, the licentious literature so volumin-
ously distributed and so greedily sought by
the ladies.
But when the fruit it seen at
the harvest of such cultavation, there they know
they have tasted the forbidden fruit - when
a real catastrophe of misery and wo! Pratical-
ly illustrates such cultivation; then all is horror
and dismay, and shame and wounded honor.
Then these pinnacled ones smite their bre-
asts in self reproach for having not followed
the virturous example of their humbler coun-
trymen, and now too late, envy with bleed-
ing hearts that they had not been of them,
born under their star, sat under their [veris?]
and big tree and lived a virtous life.
Do not then denouncements of foulness strike
dread awe and salutary example to all o[roini??]
Something of the kind is unneccesary to purify
the moral atmostpher [struck: of] It may be, their
"partial evil is universal good." That this fallen
lady may protect others from her indiscretion, and
ther her fate may turn the thoughts and production
of many in the long neglected, proper, virtuous charm
- els. May they take warning and be profited.

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