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charge crimes that, directly or indirectly, relate to the Committee's
inquiry. In this regard, it must be stressed that the Committee's
hearings were not conducted, and its report not prepared, with the
purpose of determining the guilt or innocence of any person or establishing
a basis to impeach the President. Rather, the Committee'd activities were
carried out to fulfill Congress' constitutional and traditional
legislative and public-informing functions.

This report, therefore, should not be interpreted as a final
judgement that certain persons have committed crimes. The Committee,
however, must be responsive to its mandate under Senate Resolution 60
and report relevent facts that are necessary to arrive at recommendations
for remedial legislation. The reader of this report must keep in mind
that, during the short period allotted to its investigative and hearing
functions, the Committee did not receive all the evidence it desired
before writing its final report. Therefore, its findings in a number of
areas are tentative and must be reevaluated when all of the facts are in.
Also, the Committee has not sought to employ the standard of proof
applied in a criminal trial--proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Rather,
the Committee applied a weight of the evidence test and its findings
with regard to any individual must not be viewed as indicating a
Committee position on his guilt or innocence under the stricter standards
of the criminal law. The findings of the Committee are significant

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