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week, and his reply was that we should just leave
it to him and he would take care of getting the
information out. I believe, however, that in
order to orchestrate this whole operation we
have to be aware of precisely what Colson
wants to do.

"Recommendation: That you sign the memorandum
to Colson asking him to draw up a game plan
(Tab A)." Exhibit 91, 6 Hearings 2650).

"Tab A" was a memorandum from John Ehrlichman to Charles Colson,
dated August 27, 1971, a few days prior to the Ellsberg breaking, on the subject, "Hunt/Liddy Special
Project #1." This brief memorandum from Ehrlichman to Colson
"On the assumption that the proposed undertaking
by Hunt and Liddy would be carried out and would
be successful, I would appreciate receiving from
you by next Wednesday a game plan as to how and
when you believe the materials should be used."
(Exhibit 91, 6 Hearings 2651).

The only special project that Hunt and Liddy had when these
memoranda were written was the covert operation to obtain Ellsberg's
medical records from the office of his psychoanalyst. Consequently,
the only materials that would be received in the Hunt/Liddy Special
Project # 1 was successful, would be Ellsberg's medical records.
Moreover, after the breakin, Krogh was given a Presidential appointment
as Under-Secretary of Transportation. Ehrlichman did nothing to
prevent Krogh from, in effect, being promoted for carrying out the
burglary, an action more consistent with Ehrlichman's approval of
the burglary rather than Ehrlichman's testimony to the contrary. Thus, the Committee
finds it difficult to accept Ehrlichman's claim (6 Hearings 2578)
that the Ellsberg breakin was not carried out with his express knowledge
and authorization.

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