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Impeachment Inquiry Staff Committee on the Juciary of the House of Representatives

May 9, 1974

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NOTE: This memorandum was presented to the Committee on the Judiciary by the Impeachment Inquiry staff on May 9, 1974, the first of the staff's initial presentation of evidence regarding the matters under investigation by the Committee pursuant to H.Res. 803.

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On January 20, 1969 Richard Nixon was inaugurated as the 37th President of the United States. On January 21, 1969 eighty-one persons were sworn in as members of President Nixon's White House staff. H.R. Haldeman was appointed Assistant to the President. John D. Ehrlichman was appointed Counsel to the President.

From January 21, 1969 through May 19, 1973 H.R. Haldeman, who had worked for the President in political campaigns since 1956, was President Nixon's chief of staff. He was in charge of administering White House operations. He worked directly with the President in the planning of the Presiden'ts daily schedule, provided the President with the information he requested from the members of his staff and the members of his administration, and relayed instructions from the President to other officers and members of the executive branch of the government. Haldeman directed the activities of the President's Appointments Secretary and the White House Staff Secretary. He received copies of memoranda and letters written by senior staff members and assistants. He established, subject to the approval of the President, the White House budget. He had no independent schedule. His schedule was that of the President. He was at the call of the President at all times. During the re-election campaign, the


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President's campaign organization reported to haldeman. The President announced Haldeman's resignation on April 30, 1973.

The following White House employees reported to Haldeman. (a) Lawrence M. Higby was Haldeman's personal aide and his chief administrative assistant throughout Haldeman's tenure at the White House. He had worked previously for Haldeman in private business and in the 1968 Presidential campaign. Higby supervised the flow of persons, papers, telephone calls and correspondence to Haldeman, acted in haldeman's name and traveled with him. After Haldeman's resignation, Higby transferred to the Office of Management and Budget.

(b) In March 1971, after working for Herbert Kelin, then Director of Communications fro the Executive Branch, Gordon C. Strachan became Haldeman's principal political assistant. Strachan performed political assignments for Haldeman. He supervised the White House polling operation and reported on the activities of the Republican National Committee and the Committee for the Re-election of the President (CRP). He reguarly prepared political matters memoranda for Haldeman on the status of the 1972 election campaign, and often carried out decisions Haldeman made on the basis of the information


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appointed to a position with the United State Information Agency.

(c) In January 1969 Alexander P. Butterfield was appointed Deputy Assistant to the President. From November 1969 Butterfield's office adjoined the President's. He had responsibility for the President's daily schedule. He oversaw the administration of the White House, including the office of the Staff Secretary. He reported directly to Haldeman and functioned as Haldeman's deputy in handling the actual flow of people and papers in and out of the President's office. In March 1973 Butterfield was appointed Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration.

(d) Dwight L. Chapin had known Haldeman previously and had worked for the President for two years before the 1968 election. In January 1969 he joined the White House staff as a Special Assistant to the President and acted as the President's Appointments Secretary. Chapin had general planning responsibility for the President's schedule and travel. He reported directly to Haldeman and, at times, to the President. Two years later Chapin was appointed Deputy Assistant to the President. He left the White House and entered private business in February 1973.


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