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Parr and Nelson) in the Cabinet Room of the White House. Also present
were Messrs. Hardin, Campbell, Lyng, Hillings, George Shultz, and Marion
Harrison, among others. According to all accounts, the only topic discussed
was the dairy support program. The dairymen presented their case for a
higher support price. According to one witness, Nixon appeared "affable"; 226
Hardin and Campbell, on the other hand, were strongly opposed to any price
rise. 227 Although Nelson, Parr and others present who have been interviewed
have denied that any mention of campaign contributions or a quid pro quo
was discussed or referred to, there is some contrary evidence in handwritten
notes which Harold Nelson testified that he believes he made during the
March 23 meeting with the President. Harold Nelson has deciphered them as follows:

"Schultz: [sic] Every dime must be cut down." Squiggle.
"Schultz [sic] has got to be instructed." Then an illegible
word, then "talked to Schultz [sic] and Pres. thirty minutes.
Told Pres. we were most aggressive political organization in
agriculture." Then another line and an incomplete sentence
"Didn't give." 228

On the same day that the President met with the dairy leaders -- March
23 -- he also had a meeting with his aides, including John Ehrlichman, and
with Secretary Hardin concerning the price support program. That meeting was
taped, but the President has refused to release the tape and has forbidden
Hardin to testify about the meeting, claiming "executive privilege. " 229

226 Deposition of John Moser at 10.

227 Id. at 9-10; Deposition of Gary Hanman at 40. See also Hanman deposition at 24-25.

228 Nelson deposition at 75.

229 Opposition to Motion to Compel Production of Documents, October 1, 1973, Nader
v. Butz, supra;
Ervin Comm., Memorandum to File, Oct. 17, 1973. The White House has
also refused "at the direction of the President" to turn over more than 70 documents relating
to the 1971 milk price support decisions. The dairy industry's meeting with the President
is the subject of at least 10 of the documents.

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