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Briefing paper on impeachment procedures:
Introduction________ __________________________________________1
The presiding trial officer________________________________________3
Articles of impeachment____ ___________________________ _________4
Who makes the rules?_ _____________ _____________________________4
The charges___________________________________________________9
Executive and judicial impeachment______________________________11
The Senate-judge and jury_____________________________________13
Disqualification - the Senate cannot______________________________13
Self-disqualification by a Senator_________________________________15
The carryover triaL _ _______________________________________ ____16
Sufficiency of evidence__________________________________________18
Judicial review________________________________________________18
Trials in which Senators were excused, and reasons therefor__________ 21

Effect of the end of a Congress and start of a new Congress on a pending im-peachment proceeding:
Introduction _______________ _ _________________________________25
The impeachment clauses of the Constitution______________________26
English precedents and their applicability___ ______________________27
Contemporaneous history of the adoption of the constitutional provi-
sions on impeachment________________________________________34
Status of congressional practice and precedents_____________________37
Termination of a Congress while impeachment proceedings are pend-
ing in the House of Representatives____________________________46
Interruption of the Senate proceedings by a new Congress prior to the
taking of testimony in the Senate______________________________65
Impeachment and trial by a lame duck Congress________________ __75

Effect (of the same) on the Senate trial:
Introduction______ ____________________________________________81
General role and status of the Senate in an impeachment trial_______81
Possible disqualification of Senators who have participated as Mem-
bers of the House of Representatives in House impeachment
Participation of Senators who take their seats after the beginning
of taking of testimony in a Senate impeachment trial____________137
Postponement of Senate trial until a new Congress _______________161
Notes_________________________________________________ _______163