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Senator Ervin

March 15, 1974

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Mr. Kalmbach was interviewed on two prior occasions with regard
to this discussion and conceeded that there was a discussion of the
money transmitted to Mr. Rebozo by Mr. Danner but did not furnish
additional details and did not raise the attorney client privilege.

In addition, on October 17, 1973, Mr. Rebozo was inter-
viewed for a second time. While we did not percieve any significance
with regard to the April 30th discussion with Kalmbach, we inquired
of Mr. Rebozo the circumstances concerning that conversation. Since
Mr. Rebozo's attorneys required that conversation be taped, we also
made a tape. The transcript of that interview reveals beyond any
doubt that Mr. Rebozo did not intend to seek legal advice from Mr.
Kalmbach on April 30, 1973.

You will note in the attached transcript that I asked Mr.
Rebozo if he remembered "were you seeking his (Kalmbach's) advice?"
and Rebozo answered "Idon't think so. I think it was just a general
discussion." In addition you will note in the transcript that I also
asked if Rebozo asked Kalmbach whether he should send the money
back and Rebozo answered "well that was April 30, 1973, and I think
the decision was already made then. If I did ask, it was just for his

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