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Andrew Jackson Conner was born on a farm in Northampton County,
North Carolina, September 1, 1860. He died in Lakeview Hospital,
Rocky Mount, October 25, 1952. He spent his life in his native
county. His parents were Elijah W. Conner and wife, Barbara Powell

He married Miss Ella Parker of Rich Square, N. C., she and
the following childred survive him, Mrs. L. H. Martin, A. J. Conner,
Jr., Miss Esther Conner, Mrs. E. G. Smith, Mrs. E. C. Bunch, W. C.
Conner and Mrs. Paul Holoman. His funeral was conducted by his
pastor, Reverend O. P. Fitzgerald of the Rich Square Methodist Church.
Interment was had in the family burying ground near the place of
his birth. Tributes were paid to his character and work by Hon.
W. H. S. Burgwyn and Hon. Josephus Daniels.

In all of the forward movements of our State for the past
third of a century Andrew J. Conner was influential and foremost.

His work for schools and colleges deserves to be specially
recorded. He was the first Superintendent of Public Instruction
of Northampton County. For a number of years he served on the
Northampton County Board of Education. For twenty-five years he
was chairman of the Rich Square School Board. For more than forty
years he was a member of the Board of Trustees of the North Carolina
College for Women and for forty years was Secretary of that Board.
Under the Act of Consolidation of 1931, he was elected a member of
the Board of Trustees of our greater University.

His life's work was as an editor of a weekly newspaper, The
Roanoke-Chowan Times. As an editor he was candid, fair and conser-
vative; and his paper wielded a State-wide influence. His paper never
missed an issue. Better homes, better roads, better law observance,
and better citizenship have come to his county as the result of his
leadership. He had something to do with every good thing in
town and county.

He was a member of the Rich Square Methodist Church, attentive
to her services; generous in donations, and loyal in his devotion.

His life's work inculdes the following outstanding phases:
Editor, Educator, Farmer, Civic Builder and Christian.

The Memorial Tablet to his memory on the wall of the Rich
Square High School records.

In Memory
Andrew Jackson Conner
Sept., 1860 --Oct. 25, 1931
Country Editor
Friend of Education
Civic Builder
Benefactor to Humanity

Respectfully Submitted,

F. D. Winston, Chairman
M. K. Blount
Mrs. Joseph A. Brown


The meeting than adjourned.

Henry M. London [signature]

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