JAMES J. BAKER, VICE PRESIDENT - James J. Baker has been responsible for the development, installation and support of the Cullinane Corporation products since the Company's founding. Mr. Baker has done considerable work in support of the EDP-AUDITOR System and EDP-Audit Services. Mr. Baker also provided extenxzive consulting services to clients of the Cullinane Corporation in the area of automated investment administration and accounting systems including Bond Portfolio Manegment, Pension Fund Accounting and others.

He was previously with IBM Corporation, Boston Programming Center, where his assignments involved the analysis, specification and design of special purpose software, and the project manegement necessary to bring that software to completion. Projects included the FORMAC system for computer-assistant algebraic manipulations and the CUE system for natural language information retrieval. He also designed and carried out a number of quantatative studies of system performance and programmer productivity, including a performance analysis of a programming system for terminal-based interactive computation and a comparison of programming cost factors in PL/1 and FORTRAN. He recieved formal IBM training both in programming project management and system measurement hardware and software.

Prior to IBM, Mr. Baker worked for the Mitre Corporation where his major programming activity was the design and writing of a large experimental information retrieval system.

Mr. Baker holds a B.S. in Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institutite of Technology where he was elected to Sigma Xi, Scientific Honor Society in his senior year. He has completed all courses and passed the qualifying examination for a Ph.D. in Philosophy with major in Mathematical Logic from Harvard University.

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