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Some Federal Boat called democrat
Each wished by other to be viewed
Solely pursuing public good
But few, I guess, would ioave their home
And once a year to Raleigh come
Nor stay so long if it were so
At their own cost they had to go.
Written in 1809 some time.
The foregoing is transcribed from the handwriting
of Thomas Brevard who was a member of the Legislature
in Raleigh about that time

Long have I lived in this delusive world
Say three score an half a score less four
By reason conscience & the word of God
I have been led; yet often led astray
By passions swaying her reason from her right;
And conscience lulled asleep, or calous —
The sacred word of of God was held aloof,
«While I have err'd. But thanks to that controling
Matchless Power, that all our reasoning rules,
And conscience lights again nearly extinct,
By illuminating with fresh supplies
Of radient light from his unerring word.
Oh for a heart of gratitude and grace to walk
With humble boldness in the sacred light!

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