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Now what I know will have to go
For Just what it is worth sir,
I do believe that anger cleaves
To all men from their birth sir,
it rage in every age,
In every sex and order:
Its — votrios leads on foot and steeds,

To every coast and border.
But love is rare and found nowhere,
Such mighty things to do sir
But weak at best nor quits its nest;-
I leave the rest with you sir.

The Representatives of late
From every County in the state
iiet in the City Raleigh so called
Their mighty matters there to unfold
Some spoke, some heard, some speculated
some wise, some witty, some clodpated
Convened in State House grave august
North Carolina's select host
An host of heads filled up with zeal
And hearts on fire for public weal
Flashing in unremitting flames
Their patriotic views & aims
In politics, some this, some that,

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