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A watching for the morning
But little did the people think
It was the 2nd warning.
Soon as day-light did appear
The elements were darkened
I walked out about the yard
And saw the earth was cracked
Immediately the shake came on
As you may well remember
The houses reeled to & fro
The earth did split asunder
The people gathere'd all about
In places they were many
Whilst Christians stand with unlift hand,
Lord spare the Louisiana
How full six months are pasts and gone
The earth does still keep shaking
While Christians go with downcast heads
And sinners hearts are aching
The Great event I cannot tell
Now what the L. is doing
But one thing I am well assure'd
The scriptures are fulfilling
I long have thought this was the time
In latter days would follow
when judgement should pass through the land
And bring on days of sorrow

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