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We're all polluted evil souls,
As dumb as swine & blind as moles
Yet still we think we're sharp & keen
And scorn the thoughts of being mean.
Religion then should be our guide
As happily some few have try'd
Who have been taught with patience too
Each scene of life to wander through

Come friends & neighbors one and all
Come listen while I tell you
Concerning the mighty call
Took place in Lousiana
One Sunday night you all may know
It was when we were sleeping
The L. from heaven looked down
And set the earth to shaking
Some jumped up ran out of doors
While others follow after
Stood a looking in amaze
Saying L. what is the matter
As for myself I must confess
I could but stand and wonder
Expecting ev'ry minute to hear
The loudest claps of thunder
The rest of that night was spent in grief

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