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Not that they're beat by thieves or worse
But bruised black by Noah's curse
Stand back, who say with silent brow
Sir, we are holier than thou..
These are the passengers we want
An such we'll have by hook or Slant
Says Cap- Snug & every hand
Shall do his best the same to land
If not in Orleans in Spring creek
To cool & cleans them for a week
From dirt & drink - both bad tis true
And Pharisees Tempers too
But spring creek's swelling surge
These latter mentioned cannot purge
Nor less than Bariphlegethon
If so by Joe will ship them on
Fourteenth of June in eighteen forty two
'Tis said by some, perhaps it may be true
That Solomon, tho' neither King nor Jew
But campbellite & acting esquire too
By virtue of his office firmly tied
Henry to Mary as his lawful bride
Mary, as bait by fishermen thrown out
Took first a Clark & now has caught a Troutt
The first escaped in backanalian floods
And left, they say his Mary in the suds
But Troutt to Bacchus not a devotee
Will hold the bait till death death shall

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