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When things of state come in debate
Some people grow phlegmatic
You'l hear them spout and belch quite out
The hard word DEMOCRATIC
Some learned men with modest pen
Avoiding any schism
Will write hard things of Lords &Kings
And scratch out FEDERALISM
The words they use & names abuse
I scarce can spell or mention
So many ics, rats, ists & ticks
No man knows their intention
But as for me I cannot see
What needs a lengthy story
For none there be who disagree
But only whig & tory
'Tis the same thing to love a king
And court high place forever
But liberty, equality
Is honest wise & clever
'Tis not the name which I disclaim
Unless I can discouver
That title shows my country's foes
And tyranny's true-lover
Him I will hate in church or state
Tho' Adams or Asbury
Who works & prays for posts of pay
Down right pecuniary.

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