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To make white Copper.
[single line]
Rx [recipe] Arsenic ℔ [pound] ss [1/2] _ Salt Petre ℥ [ounce] iv [4] _
Tarter ℥ [ounce] iv [4] _ Borax _ Sandiver [aa] ℥ [ounce] ii [2]--
finely powderd & mixd & put them in a good
Crucibel in a Wind Furnace for an Hour.
to Stew well - pour it out [kyur] well
have a white Mass -- Take another
Crucible, & take some Copper [-sem] old
Coppers, and pour any other that has
been esposed to the weather ℥ [ounce] iii [3]--Tinsel aa [long line over "aa"]
cut them into small Peices, make them
red hot, & throw them into a Quart of
Urine in wh you have deposed a Handful
of common Salt.__[Powderd] Tartar ℥ [ounce] ii [2] --
Allum ℥ [ounce] i [1] -- [center in] making them
red hot 10 or 12 times & let the [Samina]

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