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it with Sand + Ashes, + boil it 2 or 3
times [bb] year de Silver, if you nealit
brown, + polish it it will be very good
witherit grey alloy
you may draw it to wire, + it will be
like Silver of 6 1/2 Alloy + fit for all

[double line]

Princes Metal.

[double line]
Put ℥üÿ [ounce] of Tartar in a Crucible
give fire [fuliuent?] to make it red hot
moyeel equal parts of fall eke at
different times, + yor will have a yellow
mop, + take it off + let it cool + you
will have a good Flux which puruines
from the Air.
Then take of good Copper
wire or Filings ℥üÿ , let it flew in a
Crucible till it werks, nemero in the Flux
+ give a strong Fire till it flows_ Then

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