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Taken look over the starboard side
there stands Cape Town with its heart
of English white washed houses but there
is no Smoke seen ascending from their
summits. The Dutchmen, Kaffirs Hottentots
& the only respectable & gentlemanly
looking inhabitants here as everywhere
esle [else] where I have been, the Britishers
well I think there is a greater mixture
of Countrymen here than anywhere else
I have been.) Cape Town stands at the
base of Table Mountain on the North side
the Mountain is well named being shaped
exactly like a table on the surface.
it is flanked on the right side by
the Lions Rump & further Southward the
head. On the former of these the heights
is an observatory & Signalling station
for ships coming into the bay. A time
ball is also there which drops
exactly at one clock similar to
the one on Nelsons Monument Edin

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