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Bay.The latter 24 hours we sailed close
along the land & had a fine view of the
Country of the Kaffirs. Numerous fires were
burning in different parts of the heights
& towards night on the 1st. of April the
Capt. & I were walking on the poop when
what appeared to be a light house appeared
on the starboard bow. The Capt. on the
first thoughtwe had passes Table
& immediately hove the ship to.
No sooner was this done however than
we discovered it was merely a fire
the Kaffirs had kindled on the side of the
hill & which very much resembled a
lighthouse. We lay there all night
just off a place called Hants Bay
& at daylight on the 2nd. of April
we made our way for Table Bay with
a fine light breeze & came to Anchor
at 2oclock. the first thing we did
on coming at anchor was to get into
a boat Lt. Dadson R.A. & I &

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