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letter for home Mail to leave about
the 20th. per R.M.S. "Dane" paid
acct. at Mrs. Parkes, Taylor's &
washing 10/6. Ashore for the
last time [with Mr scored through] came on
board with Rodgers in Comunication
boat yesterday met the general
bid good bye.

Sunday Morning May 17th 1858.
Got up early this morning made sail with very light breeze
passed the Gipsy Bride Scotch
emigrant ship in Quarantine. Capt.
went on board back for
England. breeze died away & we
could not get out that night.
Came back & anchored in
14 fathoms. Bremen bark also
put back & anchored close in shore.

Monday May [18 changed to] 19th. 1858.

Got up anchor & made sail again
this morning early. The breeze was
could not leave for fog

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