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some very fine french songs.
Rested a little after 12 & got on
board at 1/2 past 12. Johnson
in a wax about being told that
Sambo said he was a heavy handed

August 26th. 1858.

This morning weighed anchor at 5 oclock &
left Kyauk Phyoo we had some
heavy rolling crossing Cambermere
, three seas crossing in different
directions. Mrs. Eales very seasick
on the passage. Baby much better
after 2 days severe illness. had a
fine day for the passage it was
very warm in passing between
the Barningas Anchored in
Akyab Harbour a little after
three in the afternoon. Went
ashore with Dibbs in the eveg.
Called at Capt. Eales & Harpers
Capt. asked me to dine but

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