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Friday Decr. 10th. 1858

Dressed & went to the ball last
night about 9 oclock. Cassiagni
went ashore with me. Called at
Johnson's first refused buggy
walked along to Bullocks house
dancing going on. Supper at
12 ocl. ladies danced till 4 left
at 6 walked with Bowen & Dibbs
on the road to the point & went on
bd. myself left Bowen & Dibbs
at Johnson's went to bed at 10 ocl.
slept till one & from 2 till 5 re-
mained on bd. today. luggage came
on bd. in the evening. to start
for Kyouk Phyoo & Sandoway to
morrow Mg.

Saturday Decr. 11th. 1858.

Left this morning for Kyouk
& Sandoway at 7 oclock
Col. Sage Supt Engineer &
Dr. Brown Supt. Surgeon & three

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