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Evans Triton went over the jail &
Hospital. rode Capt. Evans poney
up then called on Capt. Evans
go on bd. about 9.

Thursday Decr. 16th 1858

Remained at Anchor in Kyauk
all day. Capt. Dr. Brown
Col. Sage & {{Triton]] went in the
Afternoon to drive with Evans pulled
in the Jolly boat in the evening
with Cassiagni pulled the Jolly
from the shore on bd. myself went
to the bazaar in the evg. with C
Met Col Dr. B Capt. Triton Thomas
Got chairs [written above:]all left went beating un-
successful returned on bd. at 1/2
past 10.

Friday Decr. 17th. 1858

Left Kyauk Phyoo this morninf
at 5 oclock got a fine breeze
about 7 ocl going along briskly
Mrs. Nihill Sailors wife came

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