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Henricks a German tobacco Mercht [Merchant]
he had one poney with saddle which the
Capt. got. & rode after the Comrs.
party. I remained with Mr. Henricks
all day & was kindly treated by
him. breakfasted & dined there.
Beddy sent his Sala[a]m to me as soon
as the party arrived. Henricks & I
went down to the river to go across
in a canoe. Henricks got in first
& I in getting in put my foot on
the gunwale it capsised Henricks
jumped out. the Canoe was
half filled & kept filling. it
went down with the native & I
We swam ashore but had got
a jolly good ducking. Went
up to Henricks immediately
& changed my clothes there
Crossed in a large boat.
bid Henricks goodbye at
Beddy's & he promised to

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