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A man killed by lightning
much rain
@ 3 Tea @7 & then have some
music in the evg. on Saty.
Mg. last took train to
[struck through: Barr] Serampore first class
1.2. took Gharrie & went
down to the river to go across
to Barrackpore. got gharrie
on the other side & called
at Dr. Brown's. very kind
& asked me to put up for
a day or two. Mrs. B an
old Scotchwoman pressed me
to take everything on the break-
fast table. Met Capt.
& a Dr. B Brown just come out
from England in the service.
Col. Mitchell called during
the day. saw some fine
stereoscopic views Paris ones
belonging to Capt. Had some
tiffin & went across to
Serampore to go on to

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