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Saturday March12th. 1859

Remained in all day. Could not
get a Gharrie without sending
3 rupees beforehand walked on to
Wilson's with Philips about
four in the Afternoon got a
Ghanie there bought two bushes
on the way. [written above:for Philips ] Gharrie wallah went
off with then & left us at Kidderpore
went on bd. the "Belgravia" Capt.
Again on shore. Saw Wade & the
rest. Elephants disembarking
came ashore. got another gharrie
at Coolie Bazaar. went up to
Calcutta Philips & I had Sherry
& GB. at Spences went to Wilsons
to look for the Gharrie Wallah
who had run away at Kidderpore
could not see him told a European
policeman about him Mrs. Eales
& her brother at Wilson's in a

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